VoluSense Pediatrics in the neonatal unit

The respiratory system is poorly developed at birth especially in preterm infants. Despite advances in the management and care of these babies, respiratory disease remains a primary cause of morbidity and mortality. One hurdle towards improved care has been a lack of accurate monitoring systems adapted for use on babies.

VoluSense Pediatrics measures volume changes in a wrap-around vest. The systems provides visual and quantitative information on tidal flow, tidal volume, minute volume, respiration frequency. Such information will be familiar for clinicians who use invasive ventilation systems, but has been unavailable for babies breathing on their own. 

Designed with the neonate in mind

The nurse-operated measurement process takes about 5-10 minutes for a resting baby. The patient can be monitored for a longer period if desirable. Gently dressing a baby in a vest will take just a minute or two. No mask is needed to complete the measurement. VoluSense allows real-time monitoring using the mobile bedside device. The information in the logged plots and data can also be analysed in more detail later on an external PC.

VoluSense measurement vests are produced from comfortable, stretchy materials to avoid any undue distress to the baby. The vest can be opened and closed as needed for rapid access to the baby. They are manufactured at sizes suitable for premature and term neonatal patients.